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Myst I - Myst

Hints to accessing the linking books to the four ages of Myst are all found in the tower. The map in the library rotates the tower to reveal each of the four hints. To enter the tower click on the painting of the bookshelves in the library.

Mechanical Age

From the tower, the access keys are 2:40 and 2, 2, 1. To open the gateway, go to the clock tower at the west end of Myst Island. (The clock tower is out in the water.) Set the time to 2:40 to activate the steps. Then go inside the tower and set the mechanism to 2, 2, 1 (descending order). Note that pulling and holding the left lever will cause just the middle gear to rotate.

In the Mechanical Age, the key to getting back to Myst lies in understanding the island rotation mechanism. In Achenar's chamber look for the rotation simulator to learn how the controls work. Then take the elevator up to the controls. Operate the controls to access the north and east podiums, each of which contains half of the combination unlocking the Myst linking book.

Channelwood Age

From the tower, the combination to the tree elevator safe is 7, 2, 4. Strike a match and use the lit match to light the furnace. Turn up the furnace until the elevator tree moves up highest it can go. Then turn down the furnace until the tree starts dropping down. Quickly board the elevator when level with the floor.

Stoneship Age

To raise the sailing ship, first get the following dates from the tower on Myst Island.

Then get the constellation for each date from the planetarium. Look up the symbol for each constellation in the Stone Ship journal found in the library. Activate the symbols:

Selenitic Age

From the tower, the key is 59 volts. To activate the rocket ship set the power generators to 59 volts.

On the rocket ship set the tone generator to the corresponding notes on the organ keyboard diagram (found in Selenitic Age descriptive book in the library).

The settings are (numbered from bottom up, left to right): 8, 20, 23, 13, 6.


To access the D'ni linking book, in the library, go inside the fireplace and activate the lock mechanism. Sirus and Achenar provide clues to the pattern, shown below, that unlocks the fireplace lock.

The location of the missing page is given by two halves of a note, each half found in a different age. Putting the two halves together gives the location of the page missing from the D'ni linking book page.


realMyst includes an additional age, Rime, which can be linked to and explored like the other ages of Myst. The Age of Rime also appears in Myst IV, Revelation. In the library look for the Rime descriptive book. If you have already linked to D'ni, the book will be on the floor near the entrance. Otherwise, look for the book in the lower right hand corner of the bookshelves. Look in the descriptive book for hints on how to find the Rime linking book.

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