Myst Puzzle Solutions


If you want to solve the puzzles yourself, stop here. The fullest and deepest game experience comes from solving the puzzles without outside help. However, sometimes hints are necessary. Many on-line web pages provide both hints and solutions. What follows are my own notes on the solutions. Do not go further if you are only looking for hints.

Judging by continuing efforts to forward-port Myst games to newer operating systems, the games remain enormously popular. In May, 2018, a wildly successful Kickstarter project funded a forward-port to contemporary operating systems. As of December, 2018, all six Myst games have been upgraded to run on both Windows 10 and Mac OS 10.11. The various online compilations of notes and walkthroughs, themselves have become classics. What follows are my own "crib" notes for games I through VI. These notes are spoilers in that they give the final solutions to puzzles.